Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing Services

What is a standing seam metal roof?

A standing seam metal roof is a complete hidden fastener system roof from 24 or 26 gauge metal (color of your choice) that clips together.

Can you give us a free estimate?

Yes we give out free estimates. How long does it take to replace a roof? It is hard to know cause there are so many variables from size to what is on it to what the new roof will be an so on.

How do i know if our roof can be restored?

The best way to know is to give us a call an we can come see if it can or cant be restored.

What is a spray polyurethane foam roof?

A foam roof is made up of a two part liquid that is sprayed together an expands to 1'',1.5''or 2'' depending how much insulation is wanted, then it is cover with a water proofing material called base coat and then the final topcoat is applied.

What is a single ply membrane roof?

A single ply membrane roof is a 60 mil. membrane that is screwed an heat welded together for flat roofs.

What is a metal restoration system?

A metal restoration system is when your metal roof is aged an starting to rust an the screws are leaking, then we would pressure wash it, prime it with a rust inhibiting primer, seal all the seams with fabric embedded into coating, seal all the screws with caulking, an finally spray it with a final topcoat.

What is a fabric reinforced system roof?

A fabric reinforced system roof is when we wash an prime an embed polyester fabric into coating on the roof then when it cured we add the final topcoat.

Do you install shingles?

We do not install shingles.

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