Roof Maintenance and Regular Inspections Offer Real Value

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You’ve spent a lot of money installing a commercial roof, and you need to protect it. Our experts at Kauffman Roofing, serving the Jamesport area, can’t stress enough that roof maintenance and regular inspections offer real value and should be a part of your building maintenance plan. It can save your company money and time by preventing or repairing any roof issues before they get worse.

To ensure you get a return on your roofing investment, here are 8 Steps for a Longer Lasting Roof:

Step 1: Inspect and Maintain

You should inspect your roof and do regular maintenance like you would any major commercial structural investment. We know roofs are exposed to moisture from wind, rain, hail, snow, and ice, as well as debris which can get under the layers of a roof and cause problems like mold, leaks, and rot. Our services include inspecting your roof and providing proper maintenance so we can take care of any potential problems early. Preventing leaks is always better than repairing them.

Step 2: Cut Back Your Trees

We all love trees, but sometimes they grow a bit too close to the roof. At that point, branches can fall or rub against it and wear it away, causing damage. Be sure to have trees trimmed back or cut down.

Step 3: Evict Animals and Insects

You may not realize how much damage birds, insects, and small animals can do to your roof, but trust us, we’ve seen it all. We suggest getting rid of any animals or insects that try to make your commercial roof their home. We’re all about preventative care. Keep your roof undamaged and clear of animals.

Step 4: Check Sealant and Flashing

Make sure your roof’s flashing is installed the right way and the seals around the vent pipes, skylights, chimneys, and HVAC units are good. Check your roof’s sealant and flashing for any punctures and penetrations. Here’s where roof maintenance and regular inspections offer real value by ensuring vital components are working properly.

Step 5: Ensure Proper Ventilation

Make sure your building has proper roof and attic ventilation. If not, heat and moisture can damage the rafters, sheathing and insulation. The result is higher energy costs, even mold and mildew problems.

Step 6: Don’t Stand for Pooling

Make sure there is no water standing or puddling on your roof. Sometimes debris and bad drainage around things like your air conditioning unit and gutters can cause pooling water. Take a look at your roof from time to time and see if you have drainage problems. If you do, take care of them right away.

Step 7: Provide Roof Walkways

We all know that if you walk on a roof it can cause damage. You might want to install a walkway to protect the roof when workers need access to areas like the air conditioning units on the roof.

Step 8: Always Use a Professional

We are an industry-certified roofing contractor. Whether it’s installation or repairs, you should always use a professional. By trying to cut corners, you usually end up paying more money to fix substandard work. We are called in to repair many roofs done improperly! Your roof should be properly installed or more than likely you will have problems and your roof’s life expectancy will be drastically reduced.

Our roofers at Kauffman Roofing in Jamesport believe roof maintenance and regular inspections offer real value, and we have the experience and roofing expertise to meet all your roofing needs including replacement and repair. We are the professionals who can solve your roofing problems.

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