Should You Replace or Restore Your Commercial Roof

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At Kauffman Roofing in Jamesport, we often answer the question – should you replace or restore your commercial roof? A good, protective roof is one of the best investments you can make for your building, so talk to our commercial roofing experts for guidance in this decision.

Every business wants the confidence of a new roof, but sometimes restoring your roof is your company’s best choice. Let’s look at the reasons why restoration might make the most sense.

Costs Less

All businesses are looking to save money. Restoring a roof instead of replacing one is almost always less expensive. Along with cost considerations for new roofing materials, you must also take on the expense of a full roof tear-off and business downtime during construction.

Extends the Roof’s Life

When you consider that a commercial roof usually last about 20 years and restoring your roof can add another 10 to 15 years to the life of the roof, you can see the benefit of restoring your roof now while you plan for that new roof expenditure in the future.

Environmentally Friendly

Many companies are making their corporate decisions environmentally friendly. Restoring your commercial roof rather that buying a new one saves roofing waste from ending up in a landfill. It can also add to your building’s energy efficiency and may help it qualify for Energy Star® or LEED credits.

Offers Tax Benefits

Restoring a roof is considered a maintenance expenditure, while a new roof replacement is considered a capital expense. This is important because your company will pay less taxes on maintenance (restoring) by taking the current deduction instead of capitalizing the expense and recovering the cost through depreciation. Federal tax rules depreciate commercial roofs on a 39-year schedule. Since roofs have an average life of 20 years, it makes sense to safely extend the life of your roof for as long as possible.

Prevents Catastrophic Loss

A roof protects more than just your building. It also protects your inventory, equipment, offices, information, and people. If you roof is in bad shape, you need to pay attention. If you ignore it, there is the real possibility that it could create more damage including a catastrophic loss that will cost you much more to fix. If you choose restoration now, you can help prevent higher costs and potential damages in the future.

So how do you know if your roof needs restoration? Here are some signs that your roof is in trouble:

  • It’s an old roof
  • Pools of standing water
  • Tears or bubbles in the roof’s cover
  • Wet insulation
  • Cracking seams and gaps in flashing
  • Water stains inside the building
  • Mold growth inside the building
  • Inside odors

If you notice these signs or have other concerns, call us. Our roofing experts at Kauffman Roofing in Jamesport will assess your situation and help you answer the question: should you replace or restore your commercial roof? We are an industry-certified roofing contractor, and we have the experience and roofing expertise to meet all your roofing needs, including restoring a roof or replacing it.

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