What is Sustainability in Single Ply Roofing?

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What is sustainability in single ply roofing?What is Sustainability in Single Ply Roofing? Our roofing experts at Kauffman Roofing in Jamesport explain that sustainability involves economic, social, and environmental factors. Let’s take a look at the environmental concerns regarding single ply roofing which includes production, chemicals, durability, carbon reduction, and recycling as reported in an SPRA article.

Environmental Impact with Single Ply Roofing

1.  Production

  • Oil Usage-Oil is used to produce single ply membranes, along with a significant proportion, up to 60% by weight, of inorganic components. This improves UV-resistance, stability and fire resistance, as well as helps with installation.
  • Energy Usage-Electricity is the primary energy source used in the manufacturing of single ply membranes. Many companies use electricity from renewable sources including hydroelectric generation. Energy for extraction, processing and manufacture is included in its life cycle assessment.

2.  Chemicals

An improved formulation for single ply membranes has almost eliminated the release of chemicals.

3.  Durability

The single ply membrane is known for its durability and its service life has gradually increased over the years. Its durability has been proven by experience going back over decades, with new formulations for single ply membranes extending its resilience to the elements. Of course,  the membrane’s service life also depends on the workmanship during installation and ensuring a regular maintenance routine.

4.  Carbon Reduction

Its contribution to carbon reduction is important to sustainability because it not only helps the environment but also our social and economic futures.

5.  Recycling and Waste

Single ply membranes can be recovered and recycled, a practice that has greatly increased as the volumes have increased. Polymer waste has many reuses and high-temperature incineration can recover the carbon content.

The question what is sustainability in single ply roofing can be answered by looking at its environmental impact in regards to production, chemicals, durability, carbon reduction, and recycling. And over the decades, single ply roofing has come a long way in reducing this impact. It lasts longer, releases near zero chemicals and can be recycled. If you’re considering a single ply roofing, give our team at Kauffman Roofing in Jamesport a call for more information and expert installation.

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