Winters Can Be Rough on Your Commercial Roof

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At Kauffman Roofing in Jamesport, we know that winters can be rough on your commercial roof. Because we are in the dead of winter, we wanted to review some of the ways that your flat commercial roof can suffer and how to prevent damage from occurring unnecessarily.

Windy Conditions

A properly installed commercial roof should withstand high winds reasonably well, with regular wind uplift not being a problem. But if the roof is old or not installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, high winds can cause significant commercial roof damage. The roofing may tear away from the structure leaving gaping holes exposing product and whatever else including expensive machinery you have inside to the elements. Rain and snow can enter as well as whatever the winds bring inside, debris and more, leaking through the roof surface, insulation and decking. This can lead to structural damage too, which is a much bigger problem yet, with a higher price tag.

Below Zero

When the temperature drops below freezing, beware that roofing becomes brittle and more delicate. Simply due to the lowered temperatures, the materials of your roof can even crack. And when it comes to cracks, they quickly lead to leaks and leaks are the enemy of your commercial roof.

Snow and Ice

Even a high-quality roofing system can suffer from the effects of ice and snow buildup. The smallest defect can lead to a leak, and from there it just gets worse. Ice is a big problem for commercial roofs if it forms there and has nowhere to escape. If the ice starts to melt but has nowhere to go, this will make your commercial roof more vulnerable and more likely to leak. For extreme snow, call the professionals to remove snow from the roof, as it is extremely heavy and could result in a collapse of the structure.


When heavy rainfall occurs, it can pool up on the roof if drainage is not flowing correctly. A hole in the roofing membrane, even the size of a pinhole, will cause a great deal of damage to the roof system. Early inspections performed by qualified roofing contractors will be able to help you prevent these issues before they happen. Some roof contractors will recommend a tapered flat roofing system to counteract the effects of heavy rainfall.

Because winters can be rough on your commercial roof, fall and spring are the ideal seasons to have your commercial roofing systems checked over by a professional. Any damage found can be addressed quickly and efficiently so that when more severe weather arrives, everything is in order and under control, ready to take a beating from the elements. Remember, catching a problem early on will no doubt save time and money. As time goes by, any problem will increase in size and severity.

Because winters can be rough on your commercial roof, the team at Kauffman Roofing is always ready to provide outstanding roofing services, no matter the time of year. Call us for a commercial roof inspection, roof repairs or replacement services anytime.

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